Welcome to my science classes' website. Use the navigation bar on the left to go to your course page. This website is not designed to replace coming to class, but to assist you in catching up after being absent. Don't think I'm trying to build an on-line course. 

Unfortunately, I had to take down the Physics 20/30 text book site.

If you miss a unit exam, you will be given an opportunity to write an alternate exam at the end of the course. If you miss a quiz, no alternate quiz will be given.

Great summer activity for AP 20 Students: International Summer School for Young Physicists

If you need graph paper click here: Graph Paper

Click HERE if you need a new Physics 20/30 data sheet.

Click HERE if you need a new Science 20/30 data book.

WP Wagner's Science Website

Click the button below for practice diploma exams in all subjects. 

How to graph data on the TI 83 and 84 calculators

 Guide for writing Diploma exams See the bottom of page 5 about bubbling in!

Math and Science words you must know

 To read the notes you will need Adobe reader: get the latest version by clicking on the icon to the right.

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