Overview:  In this unit, Newton’s second law of motion is linked to the concepts of momentum and impulse. This unit builds on: Physics 20, Unit A: Kinematics; Unit B: Dynamics; and Unit C: Circular Motion, Work and Energy. This unit prepares students for further study of mechanics in subsequent units and for post-secondary study.  Unit A will require approximately 15% of the time allotted for Physics 30.

Focusing Questions:

  • What characteristics of an object affect its momentum?
  • How are momentum and impulse related?
  • How does our understanding of concepts relating momentum and impulse influence the design of safety and sporting equipment?

Know your vectors!


0 Graphing Review AP.pdf 0 Graphing Review AP.pdf
Size : 544.171 Kb
Type : pdf
Lab Reports.pdf Lab Reports.pdf
Size : 694.286 Kb
Type : pdf
1 Welcome to Physics 30.pdf 1 Welcome to Physics 30.pdf
Size : 1267.725 Kb
Type : pdf
2 Momentum & Impulse AP.pdf 2 Momentum & Impulse AP.pdf
Size : 488.063 Kb
Type : pdf
3 Momentum Conservation.pdf 3 Momentum Conservation.pdf
Size : 309.792 Kb
Type : pdf

Watch the video below.

4 2-D Momentum.pdf 4 2-D Momentum.pdf
Size : 317.785 Kb
Type : pdf
5 Angular Momentum.pdf 5 Angular Momentum.pdf
Size : 359.712 Kb
Type : pdf

Assignments & Labs: If you are away, you are still responsible for missed labs or assignments. 

Graph paper.pdf Graph paper.pdf
Size : 24.456 Kb
Type : pdf
Collinear Momentum Problems.pdf Collinear Momentum Problems.pdf
Size : 222.467 Kb
Type : pdf

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