This unit is worth 14% of your final mark. Key concepts include uniform circular motion (requiring Newton's Laws of Motion), planetary motion (combines kinematics, dynamics, gravitation, and circular motion concepts and EQUATIONS). 

Need some more explanations? See the link to below and to the right!


Notes: Click on the title to get the file. Some of these files are quite large and contain lots of photos that you may not need, so don't print everything. 

1.1 UCM AP.pdf 1.1 UCM AP.pdf
Size : 596.801 Kb
Type : pdf
1.2 Centripetal Force AP.pdf 1.2 Centripetal Force AP.pdf
Size : 855.013 Kb
Type : pdf
1.3 Vertical Circular Motion AP.pdf 1.3 Vertical Circular Motion AP.pdf
Size : 364.523 Kb
Type : pdf
1.4 Centripetal Forces 2 AP.pdf 1.4 Centripetal Forces 2 AP.pdf
Size : 619.895 Kb
Type : pdf
2.1 Planetary Motion AP.pdf 2.1 Planetary Motion AP.pdf
Size : 1790.776 Kb
Type : pdf
2.2 Satellites & Orbits AP.pdf 2.2 Satellites & Orbits AP.pdf
Size : 746.044 Kb
Type : pdf

Assignments & Labs:  If you are away, you are still responsible for missed labs or assignments. 

Graph paper.pdf Graph paper.pdf
Size : 24.456 Kb
Type : pdf
AP UCM Lab & Data.pdf AP UCM Lab & Data.pdf
Size : 178.196 Kb
Type : pdf
UCM Problem Set 2 Minderbender.pdf UCM Problem Set 2 Minderbender.pdf
Size : 39.835 Kb
Type : pdf
Circular Motion Worksheet F10.pdf Circular Motion Worksheet F10.pdf
Size : 58.108 Kb
Type : pdf

Videos & Simulations: 

Go to and then scroll down to the section on Circular Motion and Rotation. Watch all the videos in this section.

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