This is the AP Physics 20 home page. Most of the material in the course is identical to the regular Physics 20 course. The AP material will be clearly identified and you will not be tested on it, but I will ask questions about it (formative assessment).

Each unit has its own page where you can get missed notes, assignments, lab data and so on.

If you miss a unit exam, you will be given an opportunity to write an alternate exam at a later date. If you miss a quiz, no alternate assessment will be given.

What's an AP course involve?

WP Wagner's Science Website

How to graph data on the TI 83 and 84 calculators

Graphing data with Google sheets

Check out the International Summer School for Young Physicists 

Remind 101 APP signup: text @9c3hg to 780-800-7462

Course Material (Click to jump to each unit)

Labs are an important part of any science course. Your Physics 20 mark will in part be based on at least 1 lab per unit. The AP Physics course requires that at least 25% of the course be lab activities. Most of the mark for a lab will be based on how well you organize and analyze the data, so you can get a good mark even if your results are bad .

IF you miss a lab, you are still responsible for the lab skills. Make sure you download the data file (real data collected by me or students from previous years) so you can complete the lab activity. You are still responsible for the lab skills even if you have a valid excuse for missing the lab in class. 

If you are away for any reason, or if you need extra practice, make sure you read the Required Reading file. Click on the button below.

Math and science words you must know

 WARNING! The notes MAY not be all of the notes given in class, I may do extra examples on the board and the power point slides I post here MAY have spelling errors (somewhat likely) and/or math errors. I will have fixed these in class, but perhaps not here.   

AP Lab Rubric.pdf AP Lab Rubric.pdf
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