Physics 30 is intended to further students’ understanding and application of fundamental physics concepts and skills. The focus of the course is on understanding the physics principles behind the natural events that students experience and the technology that they use in their daily lives. The course consists of four units of study and builds on the following concepts from Physics 20: Kinematics; Unit B: Dynamics; Circular Motion, Work and Energy, Oscillatory Motion and Mechanical Waves. It is strongly recommended that students have at least 75% in Physics 20 AP and Math 20-1. The AP 30 course covers more topics and goes into more detail than the regular Physics 30 course.

If you miss a unit exam, you will be given an opportunity to write an alternate exam at the end of the course. If you miss a quiz, no alternate quiz will be given.

If you are going to be away from class for ANY reason, make sure you check the file called Required Reading. It will give you a section-by-section list of material from the text book as well as homework problems from the texts. 

WP Wagner's web site

Graphing data with Google sheets
How to graph data on the TI 83 and 84 calculators

Math and science words you must know

Hippocampus site for more explanations and worked out examples.

Other useful video links

Remind 101 APP signup: text @ap30 to 780-800-7462

Course Material

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