The one-of-a-kind FIRST (Focus in Research, Science and Technology) program is an innovative enrichment program aimed at those with a genuine interest in science and technology. This course is designed for those who thrive in an accelerated classroom, are accomplished independent learners, and work well in collaborative academically challenging settings.

This course is meant to provide students an opportunity to explore the classical pure streams of Science (Biology, Chemistry, and Physics) as well as engineering, computer science and advanced technologies. 
Remind 101 APP signup: text @g3db36 to 780-800-7462

Homework for Spring Break

1.  Research a custard recipe (basic)
2. Know the difference between creme brulee and creme caramel (both custard bases)

If you handed in your journals, make sure you have this on paper with you when we return from Spring Break!

Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe

Creme Brulee Recipe


Sample_journal_page.pdf Sample_journal_page.pdf
Size : 161.836 Kb
Type : pdf
Journal Marking Rubric.pdf Journal Marking Rubric.pdf
Size : 5.975 Kb
Type : pdf



Solder Notes.pdf Solder Notes.pdf
Size : 420.866 Kb
Type : pdf
3D Modelling Rubric.pdf 3D Modelling Rubric.pdf
Size : 238.107 Kb
Type : pdf
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