Matter cycles and energy dissipates through the biosphere and its component ecosystems. The concept of an ecosystem is used to explain energy flow and nutrient recycling and to quantify large-scale and long-term processes. Students will study habitat destruction, ecological succession and changes to populations, focusing on the need to balance the interests of a growing human population with sustainable ecosystems.

Notes Click on the title to get the file. Some of these files are quite large and contain lots of photos that you may not need, so don't print everything.

1 Ecosystems.pdf 1 Ecosystems.pdf
Size : 431.022 Kb
Type : pdf
2 Biotic Factors and Ecology.pdf 2 Biotic Factors and Ecology.pdf
Size : 1240.024 Kb
Type : pdf
3 Food Webs.pdf 3 Food Webs.pdf
Size : 1581.861 Kb
Type : pdf
4 Succession.pdf 4 Succession.pdf
Size : 2098.884 Kb
Type : pdf
5 Adaptation and Change .pdf 5 Adaptation and Change .pdf
Size : 1021.165 Kb
Type : pdf
6 Evidence for Evolution.pdf 6 Evidence for Evolution.pdf
Size : 818.152 Kb
Type : pdf
7 Populations.pdf 7 Populations.pdf
Size : 691.982 Kb
Type : pdf

 Assignments: If you are away, you are still responsible for missed labs or assignments.

Biogeochemical Cycles and Food Webs.pdf Biogeochemical Cycles and Food Webs.pdf
Size : 152.352 Kb
Type : pdf
Food Chains and Succession.pdf Food Chains and Succession.pdf
Size : 195.813 Kb
Type : pdf

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