I expect that students to come prepared every day for class; this means your note book, data sheet, calculator and pencil. Here are the notes, assignments and labs you may have missed for what ever reason. Remember that you are responsible for getting the solutions to any homework you may have missed. If you miss the due date for an assignment or lab, make sure you have a valid note! Each unit has its own page. If you are away for any time, the text book is a great source of information and practice. I may not post the notes you are missing when you need them.

If you miss a unit exam, you will be given an opportunity to write an alternate exam at the end of the course. If you miss a quiz, no alternate quiz will be given.

The course is divided into 4 units of equal weight (15% each). There will a midterm exam on Units 1 and 2 worth 20% of the final mark and a final exam worth 20% on just the last two units. In each unit the daily work (labs, homework and quizzes) will be worth 67% and the unit exam will be 33%.

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