Welcome to the chemistry unit. You will need a scientific calculator. 

There's very little math.
Answers to chapter 1 textbook questions
Answers to chapter 2 textbook questions

Notes  Click on the title to get the file. Some of these files are quite large and contain lots of photos that you may not need, so don't print everything.

If you are still having trouble, read the textbook. Click here for a list of pages to read and questions to try. 

Chemistry Unit Diagrams.pdf Chemistry Unit Diagrams.pdf
Size : 2006.2 Kb
Type : pdf
Chemistry 1a.pdf Chemistry 1a.pdf
Size : 2185.097 Kb
Type : pdf
Chemistry 1B.pdf Chemistry 1B.pdf
Size : 1809.593 Kb
Type : pdf
How to do a titration.pdf How to do a titration.pdf
Size : 83.022 Kb
Type : pdf
Chemistry 2 Acid Rain & Organic .pdf Chemistry 2 Acid Rain & Organic .pdf
Size : 2167.092 Kb
Type : pdf
Chemistry 3 Organic Chem .pdf Chemistry 3 Organic Chem .pdf
Size : 5836.391 Kb
Type : pdf
Metals in the Environment.pdf Metals in the Environment.pdf
Size : 676.493 Kb
Type : pdf

Assignments & Labs: If you are away, you are still responsible for missed labs or assignments.

Indicator Lab Alternate 1.pdf Indicator Lab Alternate 1.pdf
Size : 286.049 Kb
Type : pdf
Acid Base Problems 4.pdf Acid Base Problems 4.pdf
Size : 177.684 Kb
Type : pdf
Alrernate Titration Lab.pdf Alrernate Titration Lab.pdf
Size : 121.624 Kb
Type : pdf
Esters Lab At home.pdf Esters Lab At home.pdf
Size : 100.503 Kb
Type : pdf

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