The first part of the unit will look at gravitational, electric and magnetic fields and then at electric circuits.   The last part of the unit is the structure of the universe, stars and how we know know what is Out There.

You will need a scientific calculator.

Answers to chapter 1 Textbook questions

Answers to chapter 2 Textbook questions

Notes Click on the title to get the file. Some of these files are quite large and contain lots of photos that you may not need, so don't print everything. 

If you are still having trouble, read the textbook. Click here for a list of pages to read and questions to try. 

Unit 3 Notes Pack 1.pdf Unit 3 Notes Pack 1.pdf
Size : 2080.9 Kb
Type : pdf
1 Physics.pdf 1 Physics.pdf
Size : 5896.489 Kb
Type : pdf
1a EMR.pdf 1a EMR.pdf
Size : 2809.622 Kb
Type : pdf
2 Universe Part 1.pdf 2 Universe Part 1.pdf
Size : 3709.265 Kb
Type : pdf
3 Universe part 2.pdf 3 Universe part 2.pdf
Size : 2279.816 Kb
Type : pdf

Assignments & Labs: If you are away, you are still responsible for missed labs or assignments. 

Gravity Problems 1A.pdf Gravity Problems 1A.pdf
Size : 82.195 Kb
Type : pdf
Circuit Simulation Lab 1.pdf Circuit Simulation Lab 1.pdf
Size : 767.521 Kb
Type : pdf
Science 30 Alternate Circuit Activity.pdf Science 30 Alternate Circuit Activity.pdf
Size : 429.835 Kb
Type : pdf
Second Alternate Circuit Simulation.pdf Second Alternate Circuit Simulation.pdf
Size : 545.88 Kb
Type : pdf
A Closer Look at Transformers.pdf A Closer Look at Transformers.pdf
Size : 213.082 Kb
Type : pdf
Finding Planets.pdf Finding Planets.pdf
Size : 420.632 Kb
Type : pdf

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