Overview: Sustainable development requires balancing global energy demands with maintaining a viable biosphere. Students investigate and analyze the sources of renewable and nonrenewable energy and, in doing so, explore the need for multiple perspectives and the need to develop energy-efficient technologies. This unit provides an opportunity for students to address the demand for environmentally sustainable solutions to meet global energy needs.

You will need a scientific calculator and the world's most famous equation. We will cover

  • sources of renewable energy
  • balancing energy use with sustainable development
  • energy conversions
  • fission, fusion and nuclear decay
  • the pros and cons of alternative energy sources
Answers to chapter 1 Textbook questions

Answers to chapter 2 Textbook questions

Important Announcement:

If you missed the chapter test today and you are writing the English Part A Diploma on Thursday, YOU MUST make arrangements with me to write the exam on Thursday. Otherwise youwill not be allowed to write it.

Notes Click on the title to get the file. Some of these files are quite large and contain lots of photos that you may not need, so don't print everything.

If you are still having trouble, read the textbook. Click here for a list of pages to read and questions to try. 

1 Nuclear Energy.pdf 1 Nuclear Energy.pdf
Size : 2353.014 Kb
Type : pdf
2 Energy and Global Issues.pdf 2 Energy and Global Issues.pdf
Size : 2377.475 Kb
Type : pdf

Assignments & LabsIf you are away, you are still responsible for missed labs or assignments.

Nuclear Energy.pdf Nuclear Energy.pdf
Size : 205.723 Kb
Type : pdf
Energy Assignment.pdf Energy Assignment.pdf
Size : 244.977 Kb
Type : pdf
Testing Biodiesel Sample Data 5.pdf Testing Biodiesel Sample Data 5.pdf
Size : 365.05 Kb
Type : pdf
Energy Consumption.pdf Energy Consumption.pdf
Size : 355.52 Kb
Type : pdf

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