Welcome to the Science 30 part of the web site. Here you will find any notes and handouts you may have missed. Just remember that a valid excuse is needed if you don`t get something handed in when it is due. You will need a scientific calculator for most of this course (it doesn't have to be a graphing calculator).

The textbook is a great resource for anyone who missed classes. There are plenty of worked out examples in the book as well as practice problems. The book also has 2 CD ROMs with diagrams for printing as well as the solutions to the questions in the book.

WP Wagner's Science Website

Math and science words you must know

Remind 101 APP signup: text @78ek4 to 780-800-7462

If you miss a unit exam, you will be given an opportunity to write an alternate exam at the end of the course. If you miss a quiz, no alternate quiz will be given.

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Course Material (Click to jump to each unit)

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